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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Office of Tenebrae

Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Cleveland, will host the Office of Tenebrae on Wednesday, April 4, at 7pm.

Courtesy of Dom Gueranger....


On this and the two following days, the Church anticipates the Night-Office; she celebrates it on the previous evening of each day, and this in order that the Faithful may be present at it. The Matins and Lauds of Maundy Thursday are, therefore, said this afternoon. The Faithful should make every effort to assist at this solemn Office, seeing it is on their account that the Church has changed her usual hours. As to the merit there is in joining in it, there can be no doubt, but that it is to be preferred to any private devotions. The surest means for obtaining favors from God, and winning him to our requests, is to approach him through the Church. And as regards the feelings of devotion wherewith we ought to celebrate the mysteries of these three great Days, the Offices of the Church are, ordinarily speaking, a surer and richer source than the Exercises of Piety composed by men. The soul that feeds on the words and ceremonies of the holy Liturgy, will be all the more disposed to profit by the private devotions she practices at home. The prayer of the Church will thus become the basis, whereon is built the edifice of Christian piety during these glorious Anniversaries of our Redemption; and we shall be imitating our forefathers who lived in the Ages of Faith, and who were such admirable Christians, because they lived the life of the Church, by means of the sacred Liturgy.
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Friday, March 30, 2012

The Hiatus is Over

The long anticipated return to the beautiful and spiritually edifying house of God, St. Stephen Church, is upon us. Lent is not over, but Our Lord has graced us with the reopening of St. Stephen's for Palm Sunday, April 1. The work of painting the walls and ceiling is nearly finished. The nave is completed, and at a later date the sanctuary will be; the church will remain open even during that, according to the information given by Fr. Franz, pastor of St. Stephen. The painters have done a fine job. Deo gratias!

 An old photo of the Nave

Nota Bene:  The schedule for Holy Week is posted in Upcoming Events.