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Saturday, March 27, 2010

"Passion of the Church" MP3

Dear Friends of the TLM,
This Lent, many of us have not had the opportunity to attend a parish retreat or mission.  However, you can do this in your very home.  I have found a very poignant talk entitled the Passion of the Church.  It was given by a priest of the Fathers of Mercy to a Fraternity of St. Peter parish.  I whole-heartedly encourage you to download and listen to this MP3 before Lent's end. 
This priest hits home on what is really happening in our beloved Church these days.  As the Mystical Body of Christ we are undergoing a passion.  Moreover, he points to what we need to do as Friends of the Traditional Latin Mass.  I trust you will find this talk informative, eye-opening, challenging, and full of encouragement and hope.

In Christ,
Matthew Lewis

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