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Friday, November 2, 2012

New Poll

We just wanted to call your attention to the first poll posted on the TLM Friends blog. The poll question is simply: How do you find out about updates to the Cleveland TLM Friends blog?

The reason for this poll is because of feedback we have received recently. It seems that some, perhaps many, simply wait for new posts to be delivered to their email through the blog subscription service. Unfortunately, we have received feedback that not all blog posts arrive in a timely fashion or even at all. For example, the Oct 31 post concerning the Solemnity of All Saints still hasn't arrived in email, but is actively on the blog. The point is that if you only wait for email subscription updates, you may never get them, or you will get them late. We are not sure how to resolve this issue.

On the other hand, we have received feedback that some readers of the blog regularly check it. This is perhaps the best way to stay up to date with any blog posts.

As always, we encourage readers to send us feedback.

The poll can be found in the right hand column, and will run throughout November, if you are interested in participating.

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