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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Latin Mass Cancelled at Immaculate Conception in Willoughby

As officially reported on the parish's website on 3/8/2014, the new pastor of Immaculate Conception in Willoughby, Ohio, has cancelled the Traditional Latin Mass which was offered there regularly on Friday evenings. The announcement can be seen on the website, and the parish has released a document with a few more details.

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  1. This is certainly bad news, although I can understand that Fr. Weber felt he had no choice due to his own lack of training in the Extraordinary Form. This does bring a question to my mind, however, as to what we can do as laity to help priests (and seminarians) obtain this training. I know that the Canons Regular of St. John Cantius, in conjunction with the Archdiocese of Chicago, conduct regular workshops for priests and seminarians in the Traditional Latin Mass ( I would be more than willing to help sponsor a priest and absorb at least some of the cost of such a workshop for any priest of the diocese that was willing to take one of these workshops. Perhaps there are others willing to do the same? Would Cleveland Friends of the TLM be an appropriate venue for a coordinated effort on this? Or would it be better to form a separate organization, such as a chapter of Una Voce to do that? Thoughts?