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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Ember Days

Many may know of the existence of Ember Days, but how many know the meaning and history of them?

The Ember Days (Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday) occur four times per year, in conjunction with the four seasons. Traditionally speaking, they are days of fasting and abstinence.

A post on Rorate Caeli from way back in 2008 gives a good account of the Ember Day’s history, meaning and significance, particularly how today’s culture, so zealous for being good stewards of the earth, is missing the element of Supernatural Mysteries, which Ember Days embodies in the very nature of it’s liturgical meaning.

Help resurrect the pious observation of Ember Days, a tradition which goes back to the earliest times of the Church.

Fisheaters also has a good summary of Ember Days.

Further, Fr Bede wants you all to know that Ember Saturday will be celebrated at St Elizabeth in Cleveland at 9am. All of the readings will be read at the Mass. This is a good time to participate in our patriarcal history.  

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