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Saturday, May 25, 2019

Catholic IS Tradition

Be assured, Friends, that when rumblings about leaving behind “important religious traditions and precepts, dear to the chosen people,” are uttered from even those in the highest places, it will have no impact on our traditional Catholic faith. Nor should it.

Notre Charge Apostolique


  1. In response to the recent changes regarding standing I would like to paraphrase a quote "when the name of Christ is invoked all knees must bend. In the place of "must" is really "should". As Catholics we really do not do that. Our heads are never to be higher than Our Lord Jesus Christ, just because of a few steps. Bowing to me is strange. All should kneel during the Eucharistic Prayer. I will continue to kneel after Communion, I will kneel at the Intonation of the Sanctus and the Agnus Dei. Even in the Novos Ordo. If you cannot kneel due to an infirmity then sit!

  2. I'll be up in the area to visit my mother, on this site looking for a Mass to participate.

    The ordinary, what is his thinking? (or believing and teaching?)

    We kneel in Baltimore, in the Military Archdiocese and where-ever we go and participate in the Mass locally.