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Sunday, July 21, 2019

Important Cultural Battle, Holy Mass

None of you need to be reminded or lectured about the sin of abortion. Our nation has been ruined by a culture of death. Have you ever read Romans 1? Has Almighty God abandoned us to our own devices, as He did to that society? Eternal questions; we know not the true answer.

So what can remedy this sin of abortion? In short, the Father sent His Son for the remission of all sin. The most efficacious prayer this side of heaven is the Most Beautiful Thing This Side of Heaven. We can truly offer to the Father His Son in the representation of the sacrifice on Calvary. And we will offer Him for the remission of that sin, that crime of abortion.

Courtesy of our Twitter Friend @CLECatholic
What: Latin Low Mass for Remission of the Sin of Abortion When: July 27 at 9 am (Saturday) Where: Historic St. Elizabeth of Hungary Church Why: Cleveland Catholics coming together to fill our historic churches & end abortion in our town
And we may be so bold as to add:

Who: Jesus Christ and the Order of Melchizedek How: In an unbloody manner, though fully meritorious

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