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Sunday, October 13, 2019

Mass Time Change for Oct 19

Fr. Bede wants you all to know that the Saturday Latin Mass at St. Elizabeth on Oct. 19, 2019, will be at 8am. The Mass is usually at 9am. This time change effects ONLY this particular date. The normal schedule will resume the following week, Saturday, Oct 26, at 9am.

And a special note about Oct 26: another Mass for the remission of the sin of abortion. A mass for this cause was held back in July of this year. Recently, Cleveland TLM Friends received unconfirmed reports that Preterm has experienced some troubling circumstances within since the occasion of that first Mass for the remission of the sin. We should not be surprised by that, if its true. We are reminded that the first step in cleansing a filthy soul is contrition, followed by confession. Simply asking for a clean slate is not enough. Why would it be any different for the blackened soul of our nation?

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