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Saturday, March 21, 2020

Fr. Godic's Advice for All of Us

The Holy Sacrifice has been suspended from all public celebration because of Covid-19, the coronavirus. Faithful Catholics are suffering. The sacraments are out of reach. Will the faith deteriorate or grow?

Fr. Frank Godic, pastor of Immaculate Conception in Cleveland, OH, has comforting words and actions for us. From establishing a live stream of Holy Mass from his parish, to the edifying story of his patron, St. Francis Xavier, Fr. Godic gives us reason to be confident that we can get through this most difficult period in our time. If you haven't already, kindly subscribe to the blog and our YouTube channel. Traditional Catholic media needs all the help it can get. Be generous to other outlets too. *Please take particular note: the live stream Mass from Immaculate Conception is NOT a project of Cleveland TLM Friends. We have been contacted with questions about it that, unfortunately, we cannot answer. "Please address questions, comments and corrections to: " -taken from the website, which is responsible for the live stream and link

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