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Thursday, March 19, 2020

New Live Stream Mass, Immaculate Conception

The Cleveland TLM community is being blessed with the best possible way of continuity during this terrible reality. It was important to not allow this suspension of Masses to have a complete interfere with the greatest thing happening in northeast Ohio. The Traditional Catholic movement is too important to so many families and individuals.

The live stream is from Immaculate Conception, Cleveland. The broadcast schedule is planned for daily Mass.

Monday thru Friday, 6:30pm
Saturday, 9am
Sunday, 12pm

We will be able to access it through

***Cleveland TLM Friends is very thankful to the faithful Catholics who put this together.


  1. Wait for it. People will be congregating in the parking lot.

  2. Can someone suggest to our dearly beloved Latin Mass priests to possibly follow the advice of one very wise Bishop(not in Ohio) to...'be creative', if you will, in administering to the, outside Mass? So we're separated? Or having MORE Masses(emphasis on MORE) so everyone is spread out, separated more, etc.?? We are grateful for the LIVESTREAM yet, reading what other Bishops are ordering or allowing, one is compelled to hope and desire still for the true reception of Our Lord.

  3. One can easily make a spiritual communion during a broadcast Mass or at any time. Holy Communion is a wonderful gift to us abounding in Grace's, but the Church has given us many means of grace when it is not available. People need to get a grip and use their common sense. Seek the Lord in prayer, He is never far away. Don't push traditional priests, who are already pushed to the limit, to offer extra Masses just got the convenience of having access to holy Communion. What if they get sick? Then we'd really be up a creek.



  4. How about attending Mass just to BE there? I agree with the above comment. Mass is not all about receiving Holy Communion. It's about Christ's redemptive sacrifice. I am sorry not to be able to be there at Mass. Livestream is just another screen in my day... :-(

  5. This Is AWESOME! I cant not wait to pray the holy mass tomorrow with the Live Stream! Thank you Father and thank you to whoever the tech is.